10 Races To Rescue Our Corrupt Senate in November

We’re almost there. Wins in any 2 of five exciting, close US Senate races can end the abuse of power there. The current corrupt Republican majority in the Senate is just 51 out of 100 — and the election that lets us replace dozens of Senators is November 6th, four weeks away. Below are ten races that can end their reign— including five races where we want to ensure a principled incumbent Senator is re-elected too. You can help.

This has been made easier amid a terrifying new pinnacle of corruption. Bruce McKinnon’s viral editorial cartoon in Canada’s Chronicle Herald captures it:

Editorial Cartoon by Bruce McKinnon, The Canadian Press, 29 Sept 2018

A lifelong belligerent alcoholic, who openly lies under oath and loves to humiliate women — a would-be rapist foiled by a 1-piece bathing suit — has been installed in the Supreme Court, over the unprecedented objections of thousands of Law Professors, the ACLU, a retired Republican Supreme Court Justice, and multiple religious organizations — who all see he is unqualified. His two-vote Senate margin was the tiniest in history. The timing of the imminent election — where we can hold those corrupt Senators accountable and replace some of them — is the only upside of this recent horror.

Replacing Corrupt Republican Senators
Jackie Rosen vs Dean Heller — Nevada — leading!
Mike Espy vs Cindy Hyde-Smith — Mississippi — tied for runoff!
Beto O’Rourke vs Ted Cruz — Texas — tight!
Kyrsten Sinema vs Martha McSally — Arizona — tight! (was Flake seat)
Phil Breseden vs Marsha Blackburn — Tennessee — tight! (was Corker seat)

Protecting Existing Seats
Heidi Heitkamp vs Kevin Cramer — North Dakota
Claire McCaskill vs Josh Hawley — Missouri
Jon Tester vs Matt Rosendale — Montana
Bill Nelson vs Rick Scott — Florida
Joe Donnelly vs Mike Braun — Indiana

A Historic Opportunity
The predicted midterm election “blue wave” is real and, as long as we engage, share, register and vote, dozens of House seats will also flip from Republican next month, ending the current corrupt reign there, and letting Congress do its job of checking executive power and holding the White House accountable.

Many of the new candidates won their primaries with no corporate money. History shows such campaigns earn votes at 10 times the rate per dollar of corporate PAC funded campaigns, so your contributions will be supercharged. Anyone in the country can help any race.

Let’s make sure these brave candidates have the momentum and resources they need. In the internet era, it’s not all about money; you can contact friends in any state, inform others, and set an example on social media. You can even join phone trees to alert voters, with help from the groups listed below.

And most important, let’s alert the public about our candidates’ corrupt opponents!

Heidi Heitkamp’s Openly Rape-Friendly Opponent Exposed
Every voter in North Dakota should see principled Heidi Heitkamp’s opponent Kevin Cramer stunningly explain that, because Brett Kavanaugh didn’t achieve “intercourse” when he overpowered his prey, and didn’t accidentally suffocate her to death, “nothing happened” to her — and thus Kavanaugh belongs on the Supreme Court. Even the right-favoring interviewer is amazed. And the president is so scared, he’s bought a YouTube ad on Sam Seder’s progressive Majority Report video to distract you before you see it!

Sam Seder’s Majority Report exposes rape apologist Kevin Cramer, Heidi Heitkamp’s opponent

I doubt any self respecting woman will vote for Cramer once they see his jolly eagerness to dismiss not just perjury under oath — but an account of sexual assault that even the biased US president admits he found “credible”.

It took just five minutes to find this disgusting, tone-deaf Cramer video that has viewers asking if he will drop out of the race once the nation has seen it. It’s fun to find and share them! But these videos, and most of these Senate races, are missing from corporate news! They don’t see a profit in telling voters about them. We’ve got to share and distribute the information ourselves.

While some Republicans are better than Cramer at hiding their contempt, every opponent in these races can and should be exposed. We’re not really a nation of hateful pricks and bigots. But if we fail to vote, all three branches of our government will be run by them.

As long the ethical majority comes out on election day — including poor people, people of color, and women — we’ll get our country back. We’ve already proven it in Virginia, New Jersey and even Alabama!

You can also help by contributing to groups like Our Revolution, Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress, and by tracking Senate and House races and sharing and recruiting at ReplaceCongress on Facebook.

Now is the time. Election day is four weeks away. Early voting is beginning.
Be a patriot. Defend our country and constitution from domestic enemies.

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