Author Alice Sebold Accused Multiple Innocent Black Men of the Same Rape. One Served 16 Years.

From Justice at Last, Chris Harris in People

Mucciante began to doubt Broadwater’s guilt the first time he read Sebold’s book, especially in the lineup scene where she identified a different man as her attacker. “Anybody who watches Law & Order knows that if a person cannot identify their assailant at the lineup, that’s the end of the case as it relates to that assailant. They don’t just say, ‘Well, we’re going to try you anyway,’

Anthony Broadwell exonerated by prosecutor and judge after 40 years

… After Broadwater was arrested, though, Sebold failed to identify him in a police lineup, picking a different man as her attacker because “the expression in his eyes told me that if we were alone, if there were no wall between us, he would call me by name and then kill me.”

Sebold wrote in “Lucky” that when she was informed that she’d picked someone other than the man she’d previously identified as her rapist, she said the two men looked “almost identical.”

She wrote that she realized the defense would be that: “A panicked white girl saw a black man on the street. He spoke familiarly to her and in her mind she connected this to her rape. She was accusing the wrong man.”



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